Antique bronze metal brass buddha tibet tara statue figure 15

Title : Antique bronze metal brass buddha tibet tara statue figure 15
Category : Art (Buddha Statue)
Code : 10500
Weight : 11 kilograms
Dimensions : 38.1  x 12.7  x 38.1  centimeters
Category Category
: Hindu Gods
Subcategory Subcategory
: Goddesses
Finish Finish
: Copper Red
Item ID : 26798
Price : $471.00 (see below)

This brass Nepali Tara statue is known as Tara Bust, showing Tara from face till shoulder.

The Mother 'Tara' - Tara means Star in English. She is worshipped as a Buddhist savior goddess. In countries of Tibet, Mongolia and Nepal she is the most important deity known as 'Sgrol-Ma' which means 'she is the one who saves'. She is the goddess of universal kindness, and represents righteous and liberal action. It is believed that this brass sculpture of Goddess Tara brings about endurance, and protects her followers on their spiritual journey to enlightenment. It is believed that Tara was worshipped as an incarnation of goddess Parvati in Hinduism and was adopted by Buddhism around sixth century B.C.

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