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By Dami W

I ordered a very small item and when I mentioned that I need it urgently, it was sent priority and I received it in double quick time. I would definitely buy from this company and would highly recommend it.

By Divya M

Good found! Super fast service.

By Bhagya

Thank you very much for the wonderful products. Excellent ! I have received my & Meera Shikakai Powder &. I am very happy with it. Thank you ZiFiti. / Thank you Team. I am confirming Surely we will order for future orders.

By Dianam

Fast and friendly service. I used to live in Artesia, CA and I miss the Indian shops. I was looking for an online shop that sold Tea India Chai tea for a reasonable price (most places charge around $20.00 for a box). I found it here for the same price I used to pay, very well pleased! Will shop again and again, thank you.

By Deval T

Excellent service, excellent products , excellent prices., excellent customer service. I am impressed.

By Amit G

Zifiti is prompt in sending out deliveries after customers put in their orders. We have always received our items on time, and they are well -packed. On one occasion, we had an issue with our delivery but the management took very prompt initiative and a refund was issued immediately.

By Ajit T

Easy to navigate Website, wide product selection, prompt shipping and very good customer service- love this shopping experience

By Richard H

Hello, Pardon me for not remembering your name, but you called me after I ordered from your store several weeks ago... I believe you were wondering about the music from bollywood movies and why a non Indian would buy that. The box of goods just arrived, and honestly, I was very pleased. Not only did you have the items that I wanted, but you threw in a bunch of extras. It was like a late Christmas present. :) Not only do you have a customer, but if you are ever wondering what a person who isn't Indian, but loves the food and culture thinks about anything or your website, please feel free to contact me. Thanks very much!

By Chris S

My overall experience was great, quick and easy. I heard about zifiti though google shopping. I was looking all over international spice shops in Philadelphia and couldn't find Chukku Kappi in either Aachi or Nirapara brand, so figured I would do a search on google and came across your site.

By Shelly R

I just found your site browsing the internet. I found that your prices are the same as Indian grocery stores, and when delivery is free, there is no need to go to the Indian store. I like this convenience and I am happy that my order has shipped within few hours of putting in the order. If my shipment comes intact, I will surely be ordering from you in the future.

By David R

I received both parcels of the Jabsons peanuts, one on Saturday and the other today (Monday). I am very satisfied. Thank you for the fine service.

By Russell B

My wife drinks your tea and loves it, I think she bought the first box from our whole foods market here in Washington state. She went back to buy more and was unable to find it. I looked online and found you guys and decided to purchase from you guys. Thank you guys for your support and have a great day and holidays.

By Alex H

I found you while trying to find a product that my local Indian store has been out of for a while. The ordering was simple, and efficient - I will use your company again.

By Ana D

I was pleased to find your store online when I started searching, and my experience so far has been very positive (my package isn't here yet, but that's not surprising, because I live on the West Coast, and it's the holiday season in a very odd year). I found your store because my partner and I came across an article (https://www.bonappetit.com/story/amul-cheese-indianish) and we started talking about how we wanted to try it, so I began googling. I'll definitely be returning to your store. I used to live in New York and shopped at Kalustyan's often, and I miss getting to go there. Your store has such a huge selection, and there are many things I regularly want or get interested in trying. Thanks for your note, and all the best.

By Tiffany P

The shopping and checkout experience itself was very easy. I found your site from a google search for blood purifiers.

By Matthew R

The experience was good, I found you when searching Google for Sandlewood soap.

By Gautam C

I was looking for Mazaa products and Google search brought up your store's name. Wish you would carry their other fruit juices as well. Good experience to shopping with you.

By Melanie P

We had a wonderful experience with Zifiti and will definitely be placing an order again. Shipping was incredibly fast, packing was perfect, and all items arrived as expected. We thank you for making this available, and we look forward to placing more orders in the days and weeks to come.

By Janet K

My mung beans arrived in a timely fashion. I am going to use them to make bean sprouts, and I have not used them yet so I don't know how well they function yet. I learned about your shop online, and I am so far pleased with it, but I am fairly well stocked in other products that you would sell so I may not be using your services again for a while. But I would certainly consider using your services when I need them.

By Mohan V

I live with my family in Sao Paulo, Brasil and we have a small community of Indians here. Unfortunately we don't get many of the Indian groceries here, unlike in the US. Normally we travel to India at least once a year and durting such trips, we stock up on essential Indian groceries, at least the key items, primarily lentils and some masalas. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, this year, all our leave plans had to be cancelled and hence couldn't travel to India. However since my son lives in the US, (Fresno, CA) and since we planned for him and another friend of his to come over here to Brasil for Christmas, at that time, we decided to order for groceries online and while doing some research we came across Zifiti. Without any prior experience or information about your services we decided to try you out and fortunately our experience has been very good. Just to let you know, my son arrived yesterday and we are just now opening his baggage to verify the orders. If there is any help we need is it Ok if we reach out to you?

By Wolf A

I like Indian food and cooking and was looking (web-surfing) for resources to find needed ingredients. Your website has a very large selection and is easy to navigate. I also like the free shipping option for purchase >$50. My only recommendation is to add fresh curry leaves. They are hard to find and yet such a critical ingredient for many dishes.

By Terri U

I found your site by searching online for Mother's Pickles, which my son loves. I ordered a couple of varieties we have not been able to find locally. They arrived today, well bubble-wrapped, and I will be giving them to him as a Christmas present.

By Jesse K

Thanks, finally I found a great online Indian grocery store. I hope everything will turn out to be good. If everything is to be fine, I will continue to be back. I will also let my friends know about it.

By Vimmi B

It was a great experience with speedy delivery. Thank you

By Ravindra K

Wow such a quick delivery , we just received the package I found your website by some random search in google for Horlicks. Will recommend to my friends, keep up the good work.

By Douglas B

I searched on the web for powdered bay leaf from an Indian store and found your site. Thanks for the variety.

By Jay K

So far I have had a good experience dealing with your store. I appreciate it. I found out about ZiFiti via google. I wil be looking to purchase more items in the future from ZiFiti.

By Jennifer M

We purchased this product at a local Indian grocery in Bensalem PA and wanted to order the product online this time. Your company showed up at the top of a Google search and with the exact product. Thank you for making the order easy and fast. We used PayPal which also expedited the process.

By Divya R

I was searching for a website that provides value for money while ordering Indian groceries, and I came across Zifiti. Overall experience is good. I see on the website that I have to pay a different shipping charge or do a $50 order for each area based on the place from where a product is ordered. I believe it is confusing for me, and I don't know the exact logistics behind it, but it would be great if I don't have to put multiple orders fulfilling the minimum value. I hope it helps!

By Mandira M

I stay in Bend , Oregon where it's difficult to get Indian groceries. And driving 4-5 hrs to get these is not convenient. I did lot of searching for online delivery option to our place within the state with no luck. I was bit apprehensive as we are new here not sure of online stuff. Luckily found ZiFiti delivering to all 48 states . Thought to give a try and So happy to have found our products that to delivered here. Have recommended few of my friends too. Thanks for making our life easier!!

By Ganeshkumar H

Thank you very much for the wonderful products in display for purchase. The experience was great, online shopping is the way now to shop. Although we loose the feel and look of products, but once we know exactly what we want it is then much efficient in many ways to do online shopping. One might think that we may taking business away from local stores, but if we can't get them, or the stores are having difficulties in distribution, then these are the alternates. Overall the experience was great with your website. The only issue I had was at checkout thru paypal, i then decided to pay thru my visa credit card. I have received my purchase yet, waiting for them to be shipped. If you like I could reply to you once I have the product in hand. The website product display, pictures, discerptions, and pricing are good. Except when I order more than one product, the shipping cost is reflected in each item. unlike Amazon lets say, there is only one shipping cost for the entire order.

By Darshani R

I appreciate the zeal in setting up the convenience for Indian grocery. Such a life saver for many of us in the USA. However, something to note is that when a customer purchases different products that are from different sellers on Zifiti, it requires a minimum threshold for the delivery. While it would be good to have threshold for delivery in general, it can lead to customer attrition if it is per seller. For eg. I filtered on one seller for the convenience and missed out ordering another $15 since it the products were from another seller. Hope you guys work out something on this. All the best!

By Utsav P

I was looking for a place that would deliver Indian groceries here in DC and somehow came across ZiFiti during my search. I was skeptical about ordering at first since I hadn't heard about the company but figured I would give it a try. My experience ordering online was great and the delivery was surprisingly fast which I really appreciated. I was also impressed by the careful packaging my groceries came in which meant there was no damage to the contents. I would suggest adding a feature for customers to have the ability to categorize items by stores/sellers on the online platform.itself - on top of the search capability so that we can consolidate our orders beforehand (maybe similar to instacart) and helps avoid multiple shipping costs. While the platform allowed me to search all items by the store, I couldn't find a way to follow categories or add a second search for specific items after I had already searched for the store. I realized that after I had added a few products to my cart, those products would be coming from a number of different places and hence had different shipping costs associated with each store. Apart from that, you certainly are serving a much needed space and I would be recommending ZiFiti to all my friends here.

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