ZiFiti has an assorted mix sculptures online that add to the flair of your home. Adorn your table tops, shelves, sideboards and any other empty space with the Indian statues online here.

Some sculptures are such decorative pieces of are that the are sure to make a lasting impression on your guests. Decoration pieces of modern sculpture can be instant attention grabbers. These modern art sculptures have an elegance that bring beauty to any room. Skilfully crafted forms and shapes with beautiful details, rich textures and superior quality makes it easy to buy Indian sculpture online at zifiti.com

Many different types of material are used in the making of this wide selection of sculptures. Choose from metals like brass either with or without colored embellishments. Or purchase beautifully carved wood like cedar or kaima wood statues and Kadamba wood sculptures.

Styles of Indian sculptures for sale online range from decorative and ornate representations of animals like elephant, giraffe, birds, camel, horse, tiger, lion and more. Even the beautiful cow and her calf are shown in beautiful brass with elegant poses. Or buy items that represent shapes and colors in abstract form as well as furniture pieces like brass chowki or pedestal.

Looking for more religious pieces? Those searching for Hindu statues online can easily browse through the numerous options here at zifiti.com. Choose from large or small murtis depicting the Gods like Laxmi, Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Hunuman, Radha, Krishna. Even baby Ganesha and baby Krishna are depicted in these artfully crafted statues. But, the collection of Indian statues online is not limited to Hindu Gods. In fact, one can find Buddha sitting, or laying or even an emaciated Buddha. Tibeten symbolism in these statues is here as well.
br> There is no limit to the type of statue, murti or sculpture that can be found here at zifiti.com. Some items are small in size and others are quite large. This means that it is easy to find the perfect item for just the right space in any room.

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