Dal Palak Soup - 100 Vegetarian

Item : Dal Palak Soup - 100 Vegetarian
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Category : Grocery (Soup)
Code : DPS4115
Brand : Oruspoon
size size : 60 SPOON PACK
Features : Please see below
  • Single Serve Instant Beverage Mix
  • Fast and Easy to prepare, Just add hot water.
  • Tasty, with health benefits
  • 100% Vegetarian
    Item ID : 930628

    This popular Indian lentil soup is a combination of lentils and spinach. The ingredients in this dish make it rich in vitamin A and Iron. The oruspoon dal palak soup is a bowlful of good health, now available in the convenience of a spoon.

    Every oruspoon soup mix comes along with a specially designed oruspoon cup. The markings on the cup helps you to measure the right amount of hot water (150ml. or 5 oz.) for your soup. Too much water and you end up diluting your soup or too little water and you make a soup that is strong and concentrated. Now, pour the contents of the oruspoon into the hot water and stir. With a spoon and a cup in the pack, everything you need to make your favorite bowl is available right out of the box.

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