Green Mango Juice - 100 Vegetarian

Item : Green Mango Juice - 100 Vegetarian
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Category : Grocery (Soup)
Code : GMJ4177
Brand : Oruspoon
size size : 100 SPOON PACK
Features : Please see below
  • Single Serve Instant Beverage Mix
  • Fast and Easy to prepare. Just add cold water.
  • Refreshing.
  • 100% Vegetarian
    Item ID : 930630

    Unripe mangoes are rich in Vitamin A and E that enhances one???s hormonal systems. The juice of unripe mangoes with a choice of spices is what one needs to quench thirst and prepare oneself for a hot summer day in the sun. Oruspoon Green Mango Juice is the mouthwatering taste of unripe mangoes, sweetened to perfection and laced with spices like black salt and pepper to play riot with your taste buds.

    Every oruspoon Juice mix comes along with a specially designed oruspoon cup. The markings on the cup helps you to measure the right amount of Cold water (150ml. or 5 oz.) for your drink. Too much water and you end up diluting your drink or too little water and you make a drink that is strong and concentrated. Now, pour the contents of the oruspoon into the cold water and stir. With a spoon and a cup in the pack, everything you need to make your favorite glass of juice is available right out of the box.

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