GSI high Disc Cones Soccer Cones With Stand for Agility Training

Item : GSI high Disc Cones Soccer Cones With Stand for Agility Training
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Brand : GSI
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  • High Quality: GSI Saucer Training Cones Are Made Of Robust And Low-Density Polyethylene (Ldpe) Thermoplastic Polymer
  • High Visibility Colors: Bright, Easy-To-See Colors Including Pink, Green, Red, Blue, Orange, White, Yellow With Uv Protection To Mark Anything On The Field, Court, Gym, Track, Sidelines, Or Parking Lot. A Great Gift Idea For Kids, Coaches, Athletes, Or Anyone Else Who Loves Sports!
  • Amazing Benefits: GSI Soccer Cones Are Mainly Used For Agility Training Drills, Sideline/Boundary Markers, Obstacles, And Targets. These Cones Provide The Ultimate Workout For Athletes Looking To Improve Their Speed And Precision By Helping Them Maximize Acceleration, Deceleration, And Agility.
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    GSI Saucer Training Cones are 100% brand new and high quality GSI Soccer cone is made of robust and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) thermoplastic polymer, which is soft and flexible and makes the Cones unbreakable. These cones are durable and long-lasting and bounce back after getting stepped on, kicked, and run over season after season. GSI Saucer training cones are generally used in a set of either 20, 40 or 50 Cones and come with a sturdy Cone Stand.

  • GSI Saucer cones offer high visibility and come in bright fluorescent colors such as Orange, Red, blue, green, pink, white and Yellow.
  • Saucer Cone, also known as Soccer Cone; Disc cone and Field cone marker, are mainly used for agility training drills, sideline/boundary markers, obstacles, and targets.
  • These cones provide the ultimate workout for athletes looking to improve their speed and precision by helping them maximize acceleration, deceleration, and agility.
  • Saucer cones are also popularly known as 2 inch cones due to an approximate height of 2.2 inches.
  • Football players must use quick feet to trick the opponent charging towards him. Tennis players often change direction mid-swing. Basketball players switch up their dribbling path to outsmart the opposing players No matter your sport, having agility and quickness can be the determining factor in winning or losing.
  • GSI offers a wide variety of agility training equipment to help you develop optimum speed and quickness.
  • GSI is a renowned manufacturer of Sports training and fitness equipment from India since 1990. From agility ladders to training hurdles to over-speed and resistance trainers, we've got what you need! What we do is have a range of high quality, innovative products that are excellent for their intended purpose.
  • Want to improve your speed and quickness? Buy from GSI and mló[

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