Hand Crafted Silk Stole

Item : Hand Crafted Silk Stole
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Category : Fashion (Silk Stole)
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Brand : IndianNaturalis
Weight : 350 grams
Dimensions : 16.25  x 16.25  x 11.25  centimeters
color color : Multicolor
Features : Please see below
  • Hand Crafted stole
  • Made of authenticated natural forest silk
  • Hand Painted by rural artisans. All artists are national awardees
  • A fashion accessory
  • A wall painting if framed
  • Unique paintings depicted
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    IndianNaturalis hand painted silk stoles are not only a fashion accessory but an art work in itself.

    IndianNaturalis hand painted silk stoles are prepared , not manufactured, by pure authenticated silk , soured from villages and certified by government for its authenticity. Our sourced silk is called Vanya Silk Forest Silk as it is extracted and sourced from forest directly and purely handmade. Our silk is mixture of ERI silk and Tusser silk. ERI is known as AHIMSA SILK Non violent Silk since the silk worm is not killed during the extraction process. Most vegans across the world prefer Eri due to this particular reason.

    Once silk is extracted from the cocoons, silk thread is then prepared by rural women through a very tedious hand process as thread should not be broken during process and they extract several thousand meters of silk thread from a cocoon. Once thread is prepared, then silk is weaved on handlooms with precision as again thread should not be broken.

    Stoles are then hand painted by national award winner artists and painters. They paint the stoles with ancient Indian art which is mostly related to nature and its habitants. These artists are recognized by the highest bodies for their continuous support and practicing in order to save and preserve the art culture and styles.

    Once the stoles are painted, they are no more a piece of cloth but a piece of art.

    Using this piece of art as your fashion accessory will distinguish you from the crowd and you will be received and recognized as a true art lover. By endorsing this product, you will support a lot of rural folks who are dependent on silk extraction for their livelihood and their families are also engaged in this hand work.

    You will also become an ambassador for promotion of rural art and support the artists for their efforts of saving ancient art forms and culture.


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