RadBlok - Anti radiation Mobile Chip (Pack of 5)

Item : RadBlok - Anti radiation Mobile Chip (Pack of 5)
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Category : Mobile accessories (Radiation Chip)
Code : RBINT001_5
Brand : RadBlok
Weight : 400 grams
Color Color : Gold
Size Size : 35 X 25 X 0.5 mm
Features : Please see below
  • Technology Due for Patent in the USA & India AND CE certified in India,
  • Proven to be reducing SAR levels upto 99.99% in TUV Rheinland laborateries
  • Designed to Suite for all kinds of cell phones, OS and networks upto 5G
  • The product with 24 Ct Gold plated micro strip reduces the Imapact of the mobile radiation drastically
  • Filters and protects the signal with no effect on cell phone reception
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    RadBlok is the product of Maxwell EMR Research Center Pvt.Ltd, a research driven enterprise engaged in research, design and development and manufacture of Anti-Radiation products to mitigate the risks caused by Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) generated from various electronic communication devices such as Mobile phones

  • RadBlok technology is due for patent in the US and in INDIA.
  • RadBlok is a CE certified Product.
  • RadBlok is proven to be reducing SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) levels upto 99% at TUV Rheinland Labs. Drastically reduces the impacts of mobile radiation on human bodies.
  • The Base material used in RadBlok is an absolute radiation resistant material made up of EMI mesh to prevent emission of harmful EMR.
  • RadBlok is manufactured using 24 CARAT GOLD (one of the Constituents) the most electrically conductive of all metals that allow the signal waves to flow unimpeded.
  • RadBlok with mesh antenna properties absorbs and grounds the electromagnetic frequency generated by the electronic signal waves.
  • RadBlok acts as a signal filter and Signal repeater with an embedded layer of aluminum foil.
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