The unparalleled pleasure of wearing something uniquely tailored to fit ones style preference, combined with a vision to create a lifestyle brand beyond clothing, has led to the establishment of Pulsante.
Established in 2017, at Pulsante, traditional craftsmanship shakes hands with modern design to produce indulgent pocket squares featuring extraordinary buttons and accessories that compliment every mans desire for uniqueness. The brand is a reflection of the ideals behind the Urban, Bespoke Gentleman. This is their way of reciting a story, to inspire and be inspired, and to create a powerful connection with you through timeless pieces.

The name Pulsante has been inspired from the rich traditions and meaningful sartorial history of Italy. Going further, to the edge, exploring and discovering the true essence of beautifully crafted accessories, superlative tailoring and design aesthetics. Pulsante in Italian translates to Button. A button in a pocket square, you ask? Yes, and not just any button; artistic, vintage, heritage inspired and symbolically embodied buttons.
In its humble beginnings, pocket squares were derived from handkerchiefs and were once used for personal hygiene; today, they are an iconic way of projecting ones distinguished style. Deconstructing the significance of the pocket square, Pulsante elevates this glorious piece of symbolism and applies it to the broader scheme of clothing design.
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