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Buying Indian groceries can be a simple task when ordering online for delivery to your home. Easily search for all of the items on your weekly shopping list, add them to your cart and receive the special ingredients that you have been searching for. Since the items come to your door there is no need to find an Indian grocery store near you.

Our marketplace provides a source for all types of items from grains like Basmati rice, Poha and quinoa and lentils like chana dal, masoor dal and toor dal to a large selection of specialty spices, India chai tea and more. These are necessary pantry items for any South Asian Indian household. Even families that prefer only organic grocery and people who are gluten free can source products here. Besan, or chickpea flour as well as rice flour are readily available. Popular brands well known in the South Asian community can be found here as well. We carry all types of snacks by Haldiram and pickles by Mother's Recipe. MDH spices and Deep Foods brand are also accessible as well as favorites from Nestle and Cadbury.

Browsing through the extensive pages of Indian grocery online at ZiFiti is not unlike walking the aisles of your local Indian grocery store. The selection of items brings the familiar flavors of South Asia right to your home. Curry dishes are easily made with the vast selection of high quality spices. Find the best turmeric, coriander powder (also called dhania), cumin (or jeera), fenugreek and garam masala. A wide-ranging array of organic options by brands like 24 Mantra can also be found. One can even order fresh garlic, fresh ginger or ghost peppers (bhut joklia) for home delivery also.

Popular snacks like chana chor, dal mooth and papadi are not far away either. These favorites are a must have in any South Asian Indian home and pair well with the many beverages listed here. Not just Fanta or Limca, but also Ovaltine and mango fruit drinks can be ordered.

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